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The correct way of using the starter and battery
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The correctland generator way of using the starter and battery:

starter and battery is a major part of the car, correctly grasp the starting and reasonably using method, is to extend the service life of the battery and starter, reduce car use cost, the key to improve transportation efficiency.

1 starter in the proper use of

variable speed control lever operation essentials traditional carburetor type supply cars and diesel cars, basic mechanical gear drive manual transmission, starting step is the first step on the clutch pedal, hang the transmission of the handle into the gap, between cut the engine flywheel and clutch transmission, so as to reduce the working resistance of the starter, make start easily and smoothly. And modern efi car with automatic transmission, automatic transmission with a manual transmission on the structure and working principle is different, so there are many differences in terms of starting operation.

1) the normal starting. When starting the engine, should tighten the parking brake handle or on the brake pedal, the selection of the automatic transmission of the gear lever in P or N bits, turn the ignition switch to the starting position at this time, the ability to rotate the starter.

2) after the car idling on the way to start. Due to the selected gear lever in the driving gear position, if you turn the ignition switch starter, starter will not turn, at this time the selected gear lever must be moved to the P or N to start up. Reason: the election gear lever in the park P position, the automatic transmission of parking locking mechanism to lock the gearbox output shaft, to rotate the drive gear cannot, prevent the car moving. At the same time, the shift actuator to make automatic transmission in the neutral state. Elected a gearbox left park location, parking lock mechanism.

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