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How the diesel generator set maintenance battery
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Diesel generating sets generatorof battery there is no use for a long time, before use must give the appropriate charge, to guarantee the normal capacity of the battery. (by hydrometer to detect the actual capacity of the battery) normal operation and charging can lead to some water is from the battery, which requires to rehydration of battery, often before the rehydration, should first to clean the dirt around the mouth filling, prevent them from falling into the battery, and then open the mouth filling, adding suitable amount of distilled water or pure water, do not add too full, on the basis of battery plate scale), otherwise, the battery charge/discharge, the inside of the diesel engine electrolyte will be poured out of the overflow of the filling mouth hole, causes of corrosion damage to the surrounding objects, environment.

Avoid battery unit start in low temperature, low temperature environment capacity of the battery will not be able to normal output, and discharge for a long time may cause the battery failure (cracking or explosion).

Standby generator battery should be recharging the battery maintenance regularly, can be equipped with the charger.

Diesel generator battery maintenance tips

1, the battery outside using a wet cloth scrub, on the panel, on the pile head (plus or minus two pole head) dust, oil, white powder and other easy to cause the leakage contamination to wipe clean. Such scrubbing away the battery, the battery of the pile head won't product acid corrosion of white powder, its service life is long.

2, open the battery cover of water, to see if the water level in the normal position. Generally, lower limit on battery side there will be a line for your reference. Under the water level below the line is found, it is necessary to add distilled water, if it take less than distilled water, filtered water. You may use for emergency. Do not add too much water, the standard is added to the line up and down the middle.

3, check the battery charge is normal. If you have three meters, after starting the engine, measure the voltage of battery at the poles, must be more than 13 v is normal. Found that the charging voltage is too low, you need ask professional maintenance charging system. If you don't have three meters, available visual method: after starting the engine, open the battery cover of water, see if every small point grid is bubbled. Normal situation is continue to bubble out of the water, the more and more oil will take; If you find that there is no bubble, it may be there's something wrong with the charging system. Pay special attention to is to do the test with hydrogen, so never smoke when inspection, so as to avoid danger of burst into flames.

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