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Tappet and push rod structure and maintenance
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Tappet and generatorthe function of the push rod is to transfer the thrust of the CAM to the rocker, rocker arm to overcome the valve spring tension make the valve opened, when thrust gradually reduced to the minimum, valve spring of elastic again to close the valve.

Diesel engine during normal operation, tappet wear generally smaller, the push rod will not bend. But if the over load operation of diesel engine for a long time or load change is bigger in the process of operation (such as driver and electric welding machine using diesel generating sets, etc.), easy cause tappet serious abrasion, wear and fatigue spalling. When there is the damage tappet, general should replace a new one. If the diesel engine valve jammed occurred during operation, the valve drop into the cylinder, and the flying car accident, all can make the push rod bent. When bending spend big, should be alignment or replace new parts.

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