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Diesel generator set fault to mobilize comprehensive screening of the senses
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:diesel

Diesel generator setgenerator 600kva price in the process of applicable room, problems are inevitable, so the diesel generator set will be careful when troubleshooting, see, hear, touch, smell, all-round inspection!

See: diesel generators in operation in the process of external features, such as the exhaust pipe of exhaust smoke situation whether there are abnormal; The oil color is normal; Fuel system whether there is a leak diesel parts; Cooling system and lubricating system whether there is leakage, oil leakage phenomenon; Diesel generating sets of various kinds of instrument indicates whether there are abnormal; All the moving parts of nut whether there is loose, whether diesel engine startup circuit wiring correct; The generator control cabinet internal wiring whether the phenomenon such as short circuit or open circuit.

Listen: mainly to diesel generators in operation in the process of abnormal noise, such as diesel fuel in the combustion chamber combustion explosion is uniform, Diesel engine piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, in the process of operation of impact whether there are abnormal; Inlet and exhaust valves and timing gear for diesel engine abnormal sound, etc.

Touch: the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator set start after the temperature is uniform, generator shell temperature is too high; Water pump on the pipe and the pipe temperature are consistent; The oil tube or shell oil temperature and oil thermometer indicates whether or not the same; Functioning with or without abnormal vibration, etc.

Smell: diesel generating set in the process of power supply for focal flavour, such as generator control cabinet internal wiring, components, such as hair inside the generator stator, rotor, etc. If there is a burning diesel oil flavor, etc.

After for diesel generating set carefully check I believe will find out the problems easily, thus provided convenience for the repairs.

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