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The security of mobile power station and operational
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The structure design generator priceand production of mobile power station has a good operating performance and safety performance.

Has the following configuration options:

1. : we have the air brake and parking brake brake braking system, to ensure safe driving.

2. On the ceiling lamp lighting: the car bombings, the right of the table, and work table, convenient operating personnel.

3. The sound insulation: all of the transportation and the door of the double electric cars decorated and equipped with sound-absorbing board muffler, the exhaust pipe heat insulation cotton package, noise can be a minimum of 75 db (a) or less.

4. Trunk box size: size according to size, the operator can walk, convenient operation and maintenance.

5. Appearance: polymer polyurethane paint, paint, the owner of the color can be customized, using exhaust pipes, to ensure that the style.

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