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Diesel generator set how the oil into the combustion chamber
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The principle of 30kva generatordiesel generator to work as we all know, way of oil into the combustion chamber of diesel generator set have two: one is between the piston and cylinder wall. The second is between valve and pipe. In the general case, the oil into the combustion chamber between the piston and cylinder wall, this is mainly because there is a certain gap between piston ring and ring groove, when the piston moves up and down, the piston ring can be the oil through the cylinder wall into the combustion chamber. If the piston ring was broken carbon deposit jammed in the ring grooves, piston ring, piston ring and cylinder wall in cylinder, the oil is more into the combustion chamber, so that the diesel engine at work, easy to cause combustion chamber components increase carbon deposit on the surface.

Diesel engine combustion chamber is easy to form the part of the carbon deposit mainly include: cylinder head bottom and external surface of valve and valve seat, piston at the top of the piston ring, the upper cylinder liner, the first place, exhaust duct into the internal and the injector head, etc. When these parts attached to carbon deposit too much, can affect the normal operation of diesel generator set. Exhaust duct such as internal carbon deposit too much, can increase the exhaust resistance, make no vent from the net, the diesel generator set to send out the original power; Inlet internal carbon deposit too much, and can increase the air intake resistance, affect the amount of air into the combustion chamber; Too much carbon deposit on the surface of the inlet and exhaust valve seat, can directly affect the sealing of the combustion chamber. If diesel generating sets the first piston ring carbon deposit is overmuch, can make the piston ring jammed in the ring groove and sealing mechanism, which leads to the second, three, four piston ring carbon deposit also as the grow in quantity, so that lose the sealing function. As a result, the high temperature gas will be through the clearance between the piston and cylinder directly into the crankcase. This not only worsen the combustion chamber internal combustion, serious when the piston will be stuck on the inner wall of the cylinder. Therefore, within the combustion chamber carbon deposit must be cleared away.

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