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The altitude of weifang diesel generator is required?
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In the process generatorof the diesel generator set sales, there will be customers in remote areas, especially in Tibet, yunnan, xinjiang will ask, sea level will affect the normal use of underground diesel generator set? Why use the unit limits the sea?

As height increases, the environment temperature is lower than the plains, generally every increase of 1000, the environment temperature has fallen by 0.6 degrees Celsius, and because of the thin air. Therefore, diesel engine starting performance than plain areas. When users in the use, low temperature start corresponding auxiliary measures should be taken. The higher the altitude, local pressure is very low and thin air, oxygen composition is very small, naturally aspirated diesel engine, due to a lack of gas and combustion condition worse, cannot achieve the rated power of the normal diesel engine. So, mark the altitude range to use. Turbine more than this range, in the same power must choose large diesel engine can support to the generator.

Finally, due to the increase of the height, the boiling point of water is reduced, and the quality of the cooling air pressure and cooling air decreases, and in unit time per kilowatt increase quantity of heat, so the cooling system cooling condition than plain. Usually on the high seas area is not suitable for use of open cooling cycle, can be used to increase the use of closed cooling system pressure plateau coolant boiling point. Diesel generator set on the sea dials high still has certain requirements, in most of my friends to buy diesel generators diesel generating sets are the best sales personnel.

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