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Selection of connecting rod bearing shell
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connecting rod portable diesel welding generatorbearing shell selection is an important work, maintenance of diesel engine with a choice of good or bad will directly affect the work of diesel engine maintenance quality, therefore, the work can not be ignored.

the matching work of the connecting rod bearing shell according to the size of the crankshaft journal, select the size of the new bearing. If replacement of a new bearing shell and fitting clearance of crankshaft journal is too small or interface is not in conformity with the technical requirements, generally by the scraping method to attain normal fit clearance. Such as through the test match found gap is too big, can increase primary repair replacement size bearing shell to try to match. If in the repair process didn't know which level repair shaft neck down to size, outside micrometer to measure are available, and then to calculate. Journal standard size minus the journal, the actual size is selected to reduce the size of bearing bush.

bearing size is the same as the crankshaft repair, repair size usually written on the back of the bearing. In the process of matching the bearing shell, maintenance personnel should pay attention to the following:

1 check alloy layer on the surface of the bearing is crack, air hole, the phenomenon such as bruised. Tap on a tile on the back, should be no roup and elasticity to the right.

2 bearing bush back to smooth, no burr, good positioning lugs. If the bearing shell tile back appear coarse, spots, and oil hole not timing, will affect the cooling at work, at the same time also can cause leakage of lubricating oil from back and bad lubrication. Under normal circumstances, the same pair of bearing two pieces of thickness difference should not exceed 0.05 mm, bearing alloy layer thickness is not less than 0.40 mm.

new bearing camber should be less than 3 hole camber. After bearing shell into a hole, reliable its elasticity and hole tightly. New bearing load hole, upper and lower two pieces of each end bearing shall be higher than that of planar 0.04 ~ 0.06 mm.

after the bearing shell into a hole, the bearing cap nut tightened, and then to loosen a nut, but should remain on 15 n & middot; M of torque. With a feeler tile clearance joint surface between the cover, in the general case is 0.08 ~ 0.12 mm. If the height of the tile back is too large, the file will be available bearing no positioning lugs evenly at the end of the file to a bit; When the height of the tile back hours, should be equipped with bearing shell again. If no source of spare parts, also can add in the bearing bush back a thin plate with the thickness of the bearing the same size appropriate, in order to increase the height of the back.

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