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injection pump fault caused by improper installation
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Diesel engine silent diesel generatorfuel system except for three big precision coupling of early wear, resulting in power is reduced, increased fuel consumption and exhaust smoke outside, the most prone to failure has two kinds: a kind of is due to the fuel injection pump installation caused by improper installation fault, another kind is used in fault.

key installation

1.for the flange plate connection of the fuel injection pump (Yunnan internal combustion engine factory producing series 4100 and Chengdu production 490 series diesel engines, etc.), when the oil timing gear and fuel supply advance angle automatically adjust device and fuel injection pump cam shaft woodruff key installation position is not correct, there will be fuel injection timing misalignment. The engine is difficult to start, smoke and water temperature higher fault phenomenon. If the arc hole through the flange can not be adjusted, the need to remove the fuel pump to re install. Remove the rear can be observed clearly on the indentation key.

2. passive knotted installed 180° for the cross coupling of the fuel injection pump (Guangxi Yuchai 6105 and Sichuan Nanchong 6102 diesel engines, etc.), it is possible in the installation of the passive knotted semi circle (180°.) at this time will appear cannot start, the exhaust pipe of smokeless discharge phenomenon. Even if the engine starts with a strong start, the sound will be messy, and the exhaust pipe can't work. At this point should be opened to the connecting screw, the injection pump cam to the half circle to re connect, and then through the arc hole to fine tune the oil is.

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