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Weifang generator set right down
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Perhaps generatoreverybody thought weifang generator outage is a very easy thing, but it is not such, weifang generator outage of great learning, as for this article, weifang China under the full power of the technical personnel to introduce this aspect of the content, of course it's just ra.

Weifang huaquan power technicians told everybody that generator outage can be divided into several kinds, here we will learn about the specific:

1, normal downtime

Must first be break-brake before downtime, generally discharge load unit to run down after 3 to 5 minutes;

2, emergency stop

A, generator in case of abnormal operation must immediately stop;

B, emergency stop, press the stop button or the fuel injection pump downtime control handle quickly pushed to the parking place;

Weifang generator outage and other can points down several ways:

Sliding parameter is to overhaul downtime, try to cut the metal temperature of each equipment unit, so that as soon as possible to repair, shorten repair time by way of an outage. So-called sliding parameter downtime is keeping turbine tone is wide open, or at a fixed opening through the boiler temperature and step-down to the variable load, load drops below 10%, will eventually hits the brake. In first cooling in the process of cooling step-down buck, that is to say, to keep a certain pressure, reduce the temperature slowly, to reduce the pressure.

Downtime is rated parameters in order to stop for a long time, do not need to repair by way of an outage. So-called rated parameters of the downtime is a steam temperature of boiler for the steam pressure, steam through the authority of the opening of the small tone to load down, when the load to a certain, opened the door of the bypass, continue to close the tone until hits the brake.

Sliding pressure operation refers to keep the turbine tone full open or in a particular opening, through the boiler main control to change the amount of fuel, water, air, etc to change main steam pressure, so as to achieve a kind of operation mode of the changing load. Of course according to the specific control mode.

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