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Diesel generator set temperature requirements: shoulds not be too low
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:temperature

Some technical generator dieselpersonnel in the operation of the diesel generator set, like the water temperature was very low, they think that the water temperature is low, do not show up in the water pump cavitation phenomenon, cooling water (liquid) will not interrupt, insurance coefficient in use. Actually water cavitation will happen as long as no more than 95 ℃, cooling water (liquid) also not break. On the contrary, if the water temperature is too low, is extremely harmful for diesel engine work. China all think that the water temperature is too low, leads to the following three aspects. One is low temperature, diesel combustion in the cylinder condition deteriorated, fire after a period of growth, engine working rough, intensify the crankshaft bearing, piston ring and other components damaged, power is reduced, economy. After the second is the combustion of water vapor condensation in the cylinder wall, cause metal corrosion. 3 it is to burn diesel may dilute oil, lubrication conditions deteriorate. Four fuel combustion is incomplete and form colloid, make the piston ring card within the ring grooves, valve jam, at the end of the compression pressure in the cylinder decreases. Five is the oil temperature too low water temperature is too low, oil thickens, liquidity, so that the oil supply shortage, combined with the crankshaft bearing clearance smaller, bad lubrication. So, how much it is advisable to the water temperature of diesel generator set? Low winter temperatures, diesel generating sets the environment temperature is low, the temperature of the coolant is low. So diesel generating sets will slowly cooling fluid temperature rises, the diesel engine maximum effective power, coolant temperature should be around 80 °. Winter when using the diesel generator set, ready to send run load should ensure water temperature at around 80 ° is preferred. Summer air temperature is higher, the summer temperatures more perverse. Some high temperature of 44.5 °. Diesel generator set of coolant temperature rises quickly in such a high temperature season. Diesel engine at 100 ° water temperature high temperature cause cylinder accident, so the diesel generating set is about more than 95 ° in coolant should stop work or reduce the load.

So say, you will understand what is what kind of temperature was the most suitable diesel generator set, also want you to remember about the dangers of water temperature is too low, abandon part of the habit of thinking, strengthen the diesel generator set theory study, so as to ensure the correct use of diesel generator set.

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