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The diesel engine maintenance and maintenance
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A, just replace generator pricethe nozzle, plunger, ignore technology state of valve. Delivery valve wear can make the high pressure pipe residual pressure is too high, cause the fuel injection nozzle oil is not a simple, oil, diesel engine exhaust, knocking, unstable operation. Method is to check out the oil valve, using range of 0-600 kg/cm2 pressure detection, needle from 200 kg to 180 kg/cm2, pressure holding time should be more than 15 seconds. Otherwise, shall be to replace the valve, or oral cavity pump diesel engine high pressure oil pipe, oil level and nozzle rinsing, stay after the throttle position, pour half a circle, reggie round cap for qualified diesel engine high pressure oil pipe. Otherwise, shall be to replace the valve.

Second, the adjustment of valve clearance, ignore valvetiming. Most people only adjust the valve clearance according to the directions, but neglected the time of the check valve. In particular, the aging machine, due to the geometric shape of the CAM after the change, led to the closing of valve opening early, will lead to inadequate intake, exhaust gas, fuel consumption, power down. Therefore, in the old diesel engine valve clearance adjustment should be because the machine system, appropriate to reduce numerical valve clearance, to compensate the error distribution of gas phase. As a S195 diesel engine valve clearance per 0.1 mm, with gas phase change 3 degrees. But the valve clearance should not less than 0.2 mm, or the influence of the expansion, will cause the valve closed. If the valve clearance is 0.2 mm, the gas phase is more than 5 degrees, diesel engine significantly worse condition, then you should change the camshaft.

Three, look at the oil sump oil, ignoring the oil quality. Just add a lot of people in the oil, do not check the oil quality, also does not change. As is known to all, the waste oil should be replaced with a lot of debris and metal oxide material, lubricating performance degradation, increased the mechanical wear, shorten its life. Therefore, we should always check the oil quality. Methods using hand twist the oil commonly, if the feeling of mechanical impurities or viscosity is not enough, should be replaced in a timely manner. Check another way is to use the oil droplets in the white paper, such as a small black and white, yellow, run around the track, can continue to use, if with big black, no yellow running track, should be replaced.

Four, the maintenance of air filters, air short circuit. Air short-circuit for many reasons, such as fixed tricycle air filter inlet pipe welding is not real, an air inlet pipe joint sealing gasket, an air inlet tube inserted hose Hjalmar kuang don't clamp, did not find a inlet hose burst, air filter is the lack of a ring, and so on. All of these can lead to short circuit of the air, rather than the filtered air into the cylinder, cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and mechanical wear and tear.

Five, only cleaning oil filter, oil chamber cleaning cleaning ignored. Most of the connecting rod of diesel engine is hollow, both ends are oil blockade, called the clean room. Lubricating oil rod bearing under the centrifugal force, the influence of cavity impurities attached on the wall, in order to improve the quality of lubrication. General diesel engine 500 working hours to remove the oil, every shall, in accordance with the provisions of this cleansing oil chamber of impurity and oil channels.

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