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shangchai parts inspection after the final assembly and adjustment
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1, the check and adjustment of the valve clearance

diesel engine generatorafter final assembly must adjust valve clearance, it is best to adjust again, before starting the adjustment after 2 h of operation again. This is because the valve clearance is too large or too small against the work of diesel engine. The impact of the gap is too big, will aggravate the valve drive and wear, will cause the valve night off early on, influence the volume and displacement, the diesel engine power decrease; Clearance after hours, valve after heated stretching is blocked, can make the valve closed lax, serious when will also valve damage, also the power of diesel engine is reduced. Therefore, diesel engine after final assembly must be carefully check and adjust valve clearance.

2, distribution regularly check and adjust the

diesel engine overhaul, must check and adjustment of the valve opening and closing time, the valve timing. Check valve timing should be performed after checking and adjusting valve clearance. To check, should be on the crankshaft front-end loaded with 360 - degree dial, and installed on the front cover of a adjustable pointer, then rotate the crankshaft, the flywheel housings inspection hole on the pointer on the scale lines on the flywheel. At this point adjust the pointer on the front cover, make its alignment calibration line in the dial, and fixed it. Install a dial indicator in the cylinder head at the same time, will the dial indicator contact on the inlet valve or is about to check the exhaust valve spring seat, then turned to the arrow on the dial to the crankshaft. At the instant of the dial indicator pointer began to swing, it indicates that the valve to open, the Angle of Pointers on the dial is the valve opening Angle in the beginning. Then continue to rotate the crankshaft, valve open after the biggest began to close. When dial indicator pointer from swings to the moment, it indicates that the valve closed, the dial on the Pointers point of view is the valve closed. Open from the valve to the valve closed, turn the crankshaft Angle is called the valve opening Angle (the closing of the valve Angle). Check valve timing, generally only need to check the cylinder valve, other each cylinder on the camshaft.

the inspection of valve timing can also be used transit push rod method, with the hand gently twist putting air door, at the same time, according to the crankshaft to rotate the crankshaft. At the instant of the push rod just can't twist to move by hand, which is the valve opening, the scale of Pointers is engraved valve opening Angle. Continue to transport the crankshaft, when the push rod from cannot turn to turn the moment, can hand indicates the valve closed, the scale of Pointers to the Angle of the closing of the valve.

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