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Diesel generator set in the winter maintenance skills
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in winter after the surgery, if parked in the open area, should pay attention to the weather changes, dangdang temperatures below 4 degrees of cooling water emissions of diesel engine cooling water tank, because 4 degrees, the volume of water change is relatively large, when water changes from a liquid to a solid, amplification volume expansion will damage the cooling radiator.

2 the winter because of the diesel engine, the bad working environment. So we need to change the air filter, often due to the special demanding of cold air filter and diesel filter, if not timely replacement can increase the engine wear and tear, affect the life of diesel engine.

3. The airborne diesel at the beginning of winter, inhaled air temperature is low, the cylinder piston compressed gas is difficult to realize the natural temperature of the diesel. So before the start of cummins diesel engine should take corresponding auxiliary method to improve the cummins diesel engine temperature.

4. The diesel engine's speed should be 3 to 5 minutes, in order to improve the cummins diesel engine temperature, check the working state of the lubricating oil, check after the normal can be put into normal operation. The speed of the diesel engine running in order to reduce the acceleration and speed the biggest operation, otherwise time will affect the service life of the valve components.

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