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The role of the connecting rod bushing
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:connecting

the role of generator supplierthe connecting rod bushing is can reduce wear of piston pin and connecting rod small hole. At present, in the connecting rod small hole is generally being connected is liner, liner generally choose bronze or aluminum alloy manufacture. Connecting rod small head bushing in use under impact load and friction effects, under the condition of the lubrication condition deteriorated particularly prone to wear and tear. When there is overloaded in diesel engine or the impurity in the lubricating oil too much, little head bushing can appear excessive wear, even bite. Bronze or aluminium alloy bushing inside in order to ensure sufficient lubrication, connecting rod small on or inside the shaft is generally oil hole is drilled or oil, the use of the lubricating oil splash down or by the pressures of shaft transmit to transform set of wall lubricating oil for lubrication.

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