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In terms of the weifang diesel generating sets to achieve technical requirements
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:generating

In terms of the weifang diesel generating set is also called the running-in, the generator power generatorperiod is to point to in the initial stages of new use, this part is to ensure full contact, friction, to adapt to the process, during which can adjust the ascension generator generating set all parts, the ability to adapt to the environment will be life, safety and economy of generating unit and so on have important influence. The generating set after running-in should meet the technical requirements:

The unit should be trouble-free start quickly;

Unit within the rated load, stable running, uniform speed all phenomena, no abnormal sound;

When the load change sharply, diesel engine speed quickly stable. Fast without speed, not beating. Slow running, no shortage of cylinder. And different load transition should be smooth, exhaust smoke color normal;

Cooling water temperature is normal, the oil pressure load in conformity with the provisions, the lubrication parts temperature normal;

No oil leaking in the unit, such as water, air, and the leakage phenomenon.

The use of weifang diesel generating set is started from the beginning, like human learning diesel generating set at ordinary times need attention in operation and maintenance, so as to more effectively increase the service life of weifang diesel generating set.

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